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About Gifty

Gifty - Gift Wrap Pro helps you to add gift item and gift wrap options for each line items in your store's cart page.

No Code

Gifty works out of the box with all official themes. No need to spend hours setting up an app. Get the app up and running within 10 minutes.

Sell any product as gift

Not interested in using "notes" as gift option hack We are here for you. Just install Gifty and see the magic. All your cart products will have gift option.

Sell gift wraps with each cart item

Don't confuse your buyers with complex pop-ups for just adding a "Gift wrap". Keep it simple and clean. Use gifty and create a professional looking design for your store and make more gift sales with your gift wrap.

Greet people with messages

Along with the surprise gift wrap feature, customers can send their greetings with a short message which helps to make it more pleasant.

Here are just a few of the amazing features:

  • View or track gift orders.
  • Manage gift message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gift wrap products with each line item?

Yes, you will be able to sell gift wrap products with each line item in your cart. Just install, enable and see the magic.

Will the gift wrap count match the product count?

Yes, we automatically updates the gift wrap count based on the product count.

Do I need to add some codes to make it working?

Absolutely NOT, Gifty is no-code solution. Just install it and see the magic.

I'm using a custom theme. Will Gifty work on my shop?

Gifty works out of the box with all official themes. If you are using a custom theme and Gifty not showing up after installation, just open a support ticket and we will add appropriate settings for your store right away.

Does Gifty support drawer/widget based carts?

No, Gifty only works on page based carts at this moment. If you are using a theme with drawer/widget based theme, please update your theme's settings to page based cart. Document for this is available within the app.