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Gift Suggestion Generator

This feature uses artificial intelligence to suggest gift ideas based on the recipient's interests, preferences, and past purchases.

Occasion-Specific Gift Guides

This feature provides curated lists of gift ideas for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, to help customers find the perfect gift.

Personalized Gift Recommendations

This feature uses machine learning algorithms to suggest personalized gift recommendations to customers based on their browsing history and previous purchases.

Product Description Writer

This tool uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized product descriptions for store owners, saving them time and effort in writing their own descriptions.

Product Description Optimizer

This feature analyzes existing product descriptions and suggests improvements to optimize them for search engines and improve their effectiveness in converting customers.

Product Description Translation

This feature allows store owners to easily translate their product descriptions into multiple languages, making it easier for them to reach a global audience.


What our users say about us
We choose this app after trying several similar ones out there on the Shopify app store. The reasons we settled for this app are: 1. Amazingly simple to install and configure 2. Clean, simple look and feel workflow that blends in perfectly with our branding. There are none of these popups that interfere with your website customer journeys. 3. Amazing support who are not only quick to respond (10 mins average) but also are there to assist on both Saturdays and Sundays. To us this stood out the most as time is money. With that said, for as long as we remain in business we will continue working with these guys and we hope they continue to manage their support services the same way they do for us.
We have been with Shopify since it exists. We saw apps that don't work and others that exceed all expectations. GIFTY does exactly what we wanted to achieve. A clean, simple look that is not distracting. Customer service is exceptional, especially if you consider that they answer questions and add codes to a highly customized theme on EASTER Sunday. BTW, our first order after the install used the gift option. That's a 100% success ;-). This app will increase our conversion rate and will most likely pay for itself immediately. GIFTY did exceed all our expectations.
Laguiole Imports
A very nice app! Has all the features you need. And best of all - they have that best customer service.
All About Kids Odense
This is the best, most intuitive gift wrapping I've used -- and I've tried them all. My theme has a lot of customized code, which caused a blip initially, but their dev team adapted the app to my theme. Great app and great service.
Dream Big Printables
Have been using app now for a little while, really simple to set up and very simple for our customers to use too. Support is excellent, friendly with a very quick response time.
Kate's Kitchen
This gift wrap app is so easy to install and appears perfectly on our site! Looking forward to the new features of the app launching soon. The support is amazing response via email has been so fast!
French Quarter
Great app for gift wrap options. It is very simple to install. The user interface is very successful and easy. It does not require any coding knowledge. It really got ready in 3 minutes. Moreover, new developments are also on the way. It fits the design of your site. I'm excited for future updates!
Frameium - original art on your wall.


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